Before registering your child for Confirmation, watch Luke's video and see the information below to learn more about the Confirmation journey and goals as well as how Confirmation will work this year during COVID.

What is Confirmation?

Third Sacrament of initiation. Confirmation reinforces the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the individual. At Confirmation, God prepares you for life in the Church, and you become more equipped to spread the good news of the Jesus Christ. Confirmation is not the end of the journey for your child, but really the beginning of a new life of mission and evangelization. 


Unlike baptism, Confirmation takes place at an age where the person knows what they believe, and consciuosly chooses to own their faith for themselves. Your teenager will stand in front of the Church declare "yes, I believe in these things and want to live by them!"

First Things First: Register

Click on "Confirmation Registration" below and complete the registration for your child. Apart from the candidate's basic information, there are also questions about where they see their relationship with God right now, and what questions or doubts they might have about God or religion. The more information I have on your child, the more I can make sure that your child gets the kind of unique assistance that they need, to help them along on their personal path of discipleship. There is also a question asking if parents feel comfortable with students meeting face-to-face and who is comfortable with oneline-sessions-only. This will provide options for Confirmation meetings and sessions.

The Confirmation Process

There will be about 15 sessions scheduled throughout the year. These will involve a short presenation by me and a discussion in an ongoing breakout group (led by me or a volunteer team leader). The idea is that the student is not just learning a bunch of information, but that they get the chance to discuss its relevance and ask all sorts of questions - in a nice group setting. 


I am committed to not watering down the faith and offering easy answers, but to facing the tough questions about things like: God and science, the reality of suffering in the world, and issues about the body and identity. The hope is that they will build trust with their leader, that they will feel heard, and that they will make some good friends along the way!

Parent Commitment

Lastly, I am asking parents to commit to working alongside me, in making authentic disciples of your children. Faith-formation happens at home more than it does in the Parish.  I plan to hold several online meetings where you and I can get together and discuss how best to develop a lasting faith in your kids. Please consider being a part of those conversations from time to time!

Meet Luke Brooks!

Youth Ministry & Confirmation Director

Luke Brooks is originally from Engalnd. He and his family joined us in October 2020 after being involved in youth ministry in southern California.  Watch this video to get to know him!

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