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God's Mission

As Father John has been saying these last few weeks, God has a Mission!

What is God’s Mission?

How can we live God’s Mission?


God’s mission to put it simply is LOVE.  That’s it, just love.  He created all that exists from his love. He gifted you and me with the fruits of this world and with each other out of his love for us.  His mission is that we receive his love and share his love. 


OLL Mission Statement:

Love God. Love Others. Make Disciples of Jesus Christ (Share Love)! (Addition mine.)

Participating in God's Mission

Watch the following videos and download the corresponding PDF to learn more about God’s mission and how you can easily participate.

Step 1:  What is God’s Mission and how do we live it

Step 2: Share Prayer – Love Others


  Resource: Share Prayer

Step 3: Telling our Story: Do you have a faith story to tell?


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