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"Walking with Jesus in the Wilderness"

Will You Dare to Meet Jesus in the Desert?

Dr. Edward Sri explains that Lent is our forty days in the desert with Jesus. The New Testament roots of Lent lie in Jesus’ forty days of fasting in the desert, and his forty days were prefigured by the Jews forty years of wandering in the desert.

The Spirit and the Desert


On the day Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirt anointed him.  Immediately after this event the Holy Spirit led Jesus to the desert.  The desert was a place of isolation, death and defeat but Jesus was led to the desert so that it may be forever changed.  So that it may be a place of grace.  The Spirit led Jesus to the desert and also protected and cared for him while he was there.  The desert is a part of every Christian’s life but it does not have to be a place of despair or isolation.  The Holy Spirit is present to life’s deserts and when we experience his presence it changes our spiritual life. The desert is no long a place to be feared but can be a place to encounter Christ.


Begin Lent with Beautiful Lenten Prayers


Each and every day we are called on to become closer to God. We can answer that call with our actions and our prayers. This Lenten Season take a step closer to the Lord with these special Lenten prayers.

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