December Monthly Theme

"Do not be afraid...
a Savior has been born for you"

Muscial Meditations by Catholic Artists from Home Present:
Be Not Afraid

Art & Faith Meditations

Art & Faith meditations offer a moment of peace and draw us in to the beauty of Advent each week.

 Week 1 of Advent


William Holman Hunt, “The Light of the World,” 1851

 Week 2 of Advent


Pieter Brueghel the Younger, “St. John the Baptist Preaching,” 1601

 Week 3 of Advent


Anton Raphael Mengs, “Saint John the Baptist Preaching,” circa 1775

 Week 4 of Advent


John Collier, “The Annunciation,” 2000

Christmas Reflection


Geertgen tot Sint Jans, “The Birth of Christ,” circa 1490

Advent with Fr. Mike Schmitz

Have you been introduced to Fr. Mike Schmitz? If not, you are in for a treat with these two short videos.

The True Meaning of Advent

Advent, More than a Chocolate Calendar


What is Intercessory Prayer?


Are we praying to the dead asking saints to intercede for us?
Is it really effective?

Chris Stefanick from The Search and Dr. Elizabeth Klein discuss the meaning and purpose of intercessory prayer and how to pray.

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