Resources for Well-being

We extend our support to you and your family during these uncertain times. 

For Parents with Children

Parent Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning


How to keep kids focused, interested, and balanced while learning from home.

Disasters and Scary Events: Helping Children Cope


Ten practical ideas for dealing with a child's feelings.

Research-Based Magazine Focusing on Well-Being


Huge variety of resources to deal with pandemic.

For Parents and their Teenagers

"Weeds Among the Wheat"

Reflection on Matthew 13:24-30 and how hard times help us grow.

For Adults

A Word from Abbot Jeremy | Bless the Lord All You His Angels

A video from Abbot Jeremy Driscoll O.S.B. in response to COVID-19.

Meditations from the Catholic Health Association


A set of meditation practices specifically designed to help support your well-being, amidst the chaos of the day.

Catholic Mindfulness Anxiety and Stress Reduction Strategies


Mindfulness is the single most well informed and evidence based effective treatment for Anxiety and Stress Reduction.

Resources for Psychological and Spiritual Health


Free resources from the St. Luke Institute.

Eight Creative Ways to Enjoy Staying At Home!


Our new normal cannot stop love, trust, faith or hope.

Abiding Together Podcast for Women


A place of connection, rest and encouragement!