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Episode 1: The Search: What Do You Seek?


What is the deep longing in your heart? Is there a God to be known, loved, and served?

Episode 2: The Search: Who Are You?


Are you just a body or are you uniquely created to live on God’s Holy Mountain?

Episode 3: The Search: Why A God?


Does your soul seek its Creator? Is your heart restless in this world

Episode 4: The Search: What's Our Story?


Is God pursuing YOU in His amazing love story?

Episode 5: The Search: Who is Jesus?


Is Jesus Christ a liar? A Lunatic? Or is he Lord?

Episode 6: The Search: Am I Saved?


Do you thirst for God’s love, wisdom and healing transformation in your life? 

Episode 7: The Search: Why a Church?

How Do I access the man who lived 2000 years ago? How do I live this call of love?