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Youth Group Welcome Video


Listen to a brief introduction of what to expect at OLL High School Youth Group. PLEASE NOTE: Youth Group will meet roughly EVERY OTHER SUNDAY, not every Sunday as mentioned in the video.

What is Youth Group all about?

This fall (2022) we are starting a new High School Discipleship Group, roughly every other Sunday at 5pm-6:30pm. This is a completely non-required ministry we are offering to any high schooler who is enthusiastic about taking their faith to the next level. It's aimed at those who want their Catholic Faith to impact every other part of their life, and not just be another part of their life. 


The point of this group is to have meaningful conversations about God & faith with other Catholic peers. Time is spent not so much in explaining or defending the faith; rather in gathering as committed believers, diving deep into The Scriptures, and talking about how we can grow together as disciples. We will think about how our beliefs inform who we are, out there, in a world that’s increasingly hostile to religion. We want our young people to be well prepared to hold on to their faith, before they go off to college.

The group will be organic and not so structured. One Sunday we might meet in a coffee shop and discuss The Bible together. Sometimes we might just pray for one another. There will be plenty of service opportunities and fun outings along the way too. The hope is that we all become genuine friends, in Christ. 


If you have any questions, please email our Youth Minister at lukeb@ollparish.com


We pray to see you there!

Meet Luke Brooks!

Youth Ministry & Confirmation Director

Luke Brooks is originally from England. He and his family joined us in October 2020 after working in youth ministry in southern California