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Helpful plans for reading the Bible in a year - or to be used at your own pace.

Read the Bible with Fr. Mike Schmitz


Read the Bible in a Year with audio reflections from Fr. Mike Schmitz!


Starting January 1 (but you can start any day of the year!), Fr. Mike Schmitz will be providing a daily podcast of reading the Scriptures AND offering brief explanations of the Scriptures. Each episode is only 20-25 minutes of your day. You can listen on your commute to or from work, as you do morning exercise, washing the dishes, OR (the best) while sitting and reading along with your bible. You can even underline the parts that touch our heart.


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Read the Bible in a Year

Reading Plan used by OLL in 2020.

In the fall of 2019, on the Feast of St. Jerome, Pope Francis dedicated the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time as Word of God Sunday. In his decree, “Aperuit Illis,” the Holy Father reminded us that one of Jesus’ final acts before His Ascension was opening the disciples minds to understand the Scriptures (Lk 24:45). Without the Lord who opens our minds to them, it is impossible to understand the Scriptures in depth. Yet the contrary is equally true: without the Scriptures, the events of the mission of Jesus and of his Church in this world would remain incomprehensible.

Pope Francis also taught that “Regular reading of sacred Scripture and the celebration of the Eucharist make it possible for us to see ourselves as part of one another. As Christians, we are a single people, making our pilgrim way through history, sustained by the Lord, present in our midst, who speaks to us and nourishes us."

Download the suggested reading plan of how to read the Bible in one year. You are invited to use this plan, or find or create your own. The USCCB has a list of Approved Bible Translation. These are the Bibles we suggest:


You can download the printable brochure or pick one up in the Narthex, Parish Hall at the Welcome Desk, or at the Parish Office.