Adult Minisitries at Our Lady of the Lake are offered for adults of all ages to get involved in and serve with. Adult Ministries are offered by age, Young Adult Ministry and Seniors Ministry, as well as gender, Men's Ministry and Women's Ministry.  Check out the areas of interest below for more information and to explore how you may be involved with these ministries.

Young Adults

Young Adults Ministry gathers for the purpose of developing relationships with peers sharing similar values and beliefs. 

If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s join us for events around the Portland area! Sign up for our Flocknote updates for events in the Portland area (we can carpool to events from OLL if you’d like). To sign up for Flocknote updates: Text JesusLife to 84576 OR sign up on the form below!


Contact Lily Weber, Youth Ministry Coordinator, with any questions! 

At Our Parish
Around Portland
Other Archdiocesan Events
At Our Parish

Our Lady of the Lake will be hosting a Holy Happy Hour!


Tuesday, August 27

  • An hour of Adoration (the Blessed Sacrament exposed) with quiet time for prayer and contemplation from 7:00 to 8:00 (Confession will be available)
  • We will walk (5 minutes)/drive (2 minutes) over to the Dullahan Irish Pub (352 B Ave, Lake Oswego)

Other Info - Feel free to bring:

  • Bible
  • Journal
  • Rosary
  • Friend!


Contact Lily Weber at the parish office with questions

Around Portland
Other Archdiocesan Events

Family Life Ministries

The family is the most intimate experience of Church; the place where love, forgiveness and trust should first be encountered. The family has often been called "The Domestic Church", where the gospel should be first preached. Our parish encourages families, in whatever form your household may be, to gather together to help each other grow in faith and love. The more good examples we have, the better example of Christ we can be to the world. Sometimes it begins with the simple things such as eating together as a family. Studies have shown that a family that eats together three times a week or more have stronger family ties, the children do better in school and practice their faith. Check out more ideas here.


Knights of Columbus Council #3818

Knights of Columbus | Second Monday of the Month | 7:00 PM

Fellowship? Fraternity? Brotherhood? Camaraderie?

Yes, these are fitting descriptions. But there is something deeper, something more profound beyond the meaning of these words. That "something" is the relationship with God, and the bonding between men who experience that relationship.

Membership in the Knights of Columbus embodies first and foremost the presence of God and the principles of Christianity. God's presence enriches the bond that exists between Catholic men of the Knights. He is with us at every meeting, every sponsored event, every casual encounter with a Knight on the street, in a grocery store, at Mass. That connection is unspoken, strong, shared.

The Knights sponsor and are involved in numerous church and community events. Examples: monthly breakfasts after Mass, crab feeds, assistance at Christmas Mass, moving furniture for shut-ins, and so on. While participation in such activities is encouraged of the members, there are no minimums. You can be as active as befits your comfort zone.

Grand Knight: David Gewant

Appreciation Picnic | Sunday, August 11 | 5:00 to 8:00 PM
Monthly Breakfast |Second Sunday of the Month

DOGS (Diciples of God's Spirit | Meets Every Saturday | 7:00 to 8:00 AM | Parish Center

DOGS is a small faith-sharing group of men at Our Lady of the Lake Church. We welcome men of all faiths, although our focus is rooted in Catholicism. Each Saturday morning, one member of the group leads a discussion of a faith-based topic of his choice. We come for recharging of our spiritual batteries and feel refreshed by these weekly encounters. Drop in. You have a standing invitation to join us any Saturday morning. We don’t bite!

Annual Men's Retreat | January 2020 | Mt. Angel Abbey

In today’s fast-moving, digital world, we all find less and less time for ourselves, and unfortunately, for God. That is why OLL parish hosts a Lenten Men’s retreat at Mount Angel Abbey to open our eyes to a deeper relationship with God. Our retreat will be filled with fellowship, food and faith building discussions.



Annual Women's Retreat | February 2020 | Laundry Building at Mary's Woods
Women's Charismatic Prayer Group | Every Wednesday | 11:00 AM | Parish Library

Seniors Group

Seniors Potluck | First Friday of the Month | 11:30 AM | Parish Hall

Contact Pete and Yvonne Yray for more information at 503-246-4404.

Last bulletin of the previous month will list what each person is asked to bring based on last name.