In baptism we become children of God. Every human being created is born a beloved creature of God. To become a child of God our nature must change. Baptism through the Grace of the Holy Spirit transforms us to become children of God. 

Preparation Sessions for New and Returning Parents

Preparation Sessions are required for new parents or every 4 years. Belonging: Baptism in the Family of God is designed to provide you with an incredible encounter with Jesus and with the Church. The program we have chosen for you here at Our Lady of the Lake will prepare you to have your children baptized and to open your hearts to understand more fully WHY this is a critical step in your child’s life. You will discover how your child becomes a “child of God” and that in the Church, and you and your children will always have a place where you belong. See the class sessions below to register.

Upcoming Prep Sessions for Parents and Out of State Godparents:

During our COVID-19 response we are still able to offer classes in a safe and clean environment with limited participation. Our two-part program will include parent videos at home before a gathered session on Sunday afternoon.  There will also be a Monday night zoom follow up session. To fully participate, begin with part one below under “Baptism Preparation – Two Part Program,” and register for the scheduled gathered sessions here.

​​​​​​​ Infant Baptism Gathered Parent Session

Information for Parents

The family asking for their child to be baptized at Our Lady of the Lake has to be a registered member of our faith community or provide a letter from their current parish.

Upcoming Baptisms During Covid-19:

We are currently scheduling 2 families at any one time with a limit of 11 participants for each family.  The count of 11 must include: the infant, parents, godparents or proxy godparents. To select a baptism date please register HERE . Make sure to provide us with the legal paperwork to record your child’s baptism by clicking on “Required Paperwork” below.

Baptism Preparation  - Two Part Program



  • Create an OLL account here. Type in the parish zip code (97034) and follow the prompts.
  • Once your account is open, watch The Search videos at home and come prepared to discuss them
  • Use a notebook to answer these questions for each of the 7 videos.
    • From each of The Search Videos:
      • What is one thing that impressed you the most?
      • What is one thing that causes you to struggle the most?




Follow the registration link above to secure your spot in our next gathered parent sessions or register here.

Information for Godparents

Godparent Preparation Sessions are not required in the Archdiocese of Portland. Parents and godparents are asked to watch this Belonging: Role of Godparents Video.

Upcoming Prep Sessions for Godparents:

If you will be a godparent at another parish or diocese and are being asked to take a godparent class then you should register for the scheduled gathered sessions here.

​​​​​​​ Infant Baptism Gathered Parent & Godparent Session