The death of a loved one is a difficult time. At Our Lady of The Lake, we're here to support you through prayer and pastoral care. When planning a funeral, we ask that you immediately contact the parish office so that we may help you make funeral arrangements. Some of the materials on this page will be helpful to you in the planning process. You will receive a Funeral Planning Booklet containing much of this information when you have your funeral planning meeting at the parish.

Our clergy and staff will make every effort to plan a specific date for a Funeral or Memorial Mass, and Cemetery arrangements and services.

Funeral luncheon receptions have resumed and may be scheduled following the service. Information about Funeral luncheons will be presented during the funeral meeting. Funerals are not scheduled on Sundays.

To begin the funeral arrangements and schedule a date and time, please call the parish office at 503-636-7687.

Upcoming Funerals


Carol Harkins - Friday, July 22 at 11am


Helene Bradley - Saturday, July 23 at 12pm


Jerry Neidiger - Wednesday, August 3 at 11am


Colonel Bob Bonthuis - Monday, July 25 at 11am



Pending Funerals


None listed at this time

Funerals that are livestreamed at Our Lady of the Lake can be viewed on our Mass and Homily page.

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Our Lady of the Lake Parish is blessed to have its own sacred burial grounds for its members and their families.  It is lovingly and carefully maintained by a group of parishioners, The Cemetery Committee, committed to serving the faithful with a consecrated place of burial.

Sacred Heart Cemetery is located just three miles south of town on Stafford Road on land donated by Mr. Prosser in the late eighteen hundreds.  Many of the early settlers of Lake Oswego are buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, including George Rogers and some of his family.

Sacred Heart Cemetery has spaces available for ground burials as well as Columbarium niches for ashes.

Members of the parish who wish to plan ahead may call the Parish Office with questions or to arrange for a personal visit with the Cemetery Manager.

Planning ahead gives you:

  • More time to research and consider your options without a rush.
  • A sense of accomplishment knowing arrangements are made.
  • Fewer family concerns – less to worry about.
  • Financial benefit – lock in at current price.

Contact: Kimi Tomaszek, Cemetery Director, at 503-754-8196 to make an appointment